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ورود به وب سایت رسمی ROWAY PIANO

  • Model: GPR-650
  • Keyboard: 88 Hammer Action Keys
  • Touch Sensitivity: Soft, Medium, Hard, Constant
  • Tone Generation: Advanced PCM Stereo Sampling
  • Polyphony: 128
  • Built-in Demos: 40 Songs
  • Number of voices: 128 GM Sounds +99 variation selectable from MIDI manual drums
  • Style Player: 160 styles with intro, Ending, Fill in, Start-Stop, Rhythm, Easy Chord
  • Display: 3-Digit LED
  • Pedals: Sustain, soft, Sostenuto
  • Effect: Reverb (Room, Hall, Hall2, Stage) Modulation (Chorus, Phase, Tremolo)
  • Connectivity: Headphones (2), Aux In, Aux Out, USB MIDI,
  • SD Jack
  • Amplifier: 110 Watts
  • Speakers: 6.5" x 2
  • Finish: High gloss polish in black, white or red color
  • Dimensions: 1430mm(W)x860mm(D)x830mm(H)
  • Weight: 123kgs
  • Accessories: Pedal Assembly, Power Cord, Owner's Manual, Warranty Card, Wireless keyboard, Wireless mouse
  • Other: It is a new grand piano with standard PC in English version, DVD Device, Wireless PC Keyboard and wireless mouse. the creative design in integration of digital piano and computer. The computer can be independent used, or used with digital piano, you can edit the song, or read the MIDI files, it is very convenient for application. Use the PC LCD instead of wooden music board, it can change into five-line staff or numbered music note and turn a page automatically. You can compose and edit on the keyboard directly, computer will save it.
  • Other Function: Power, Dual, Split, Record/Play, Metronome, Transpose, Tune, Sequencer
  • Computer info: --
  • Processor: Integrate Intel Atom D425 processor (1.8 GHz, 512KB cache)
  • RAM: Kingston: 4G
  • Hard disk: 320 GB
  • CD-Rom: LG 16X
  • LED Screen: LG: 12.1"
  • Keyboard & mouse: Wireless
  • Operate System: Windows XP English version

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